Looking for Perfect, Beautiful Bride or a Handsome Groom?

God has created a world, and human beings are the best creation amongst it all. We are all children of Adam, we may have different colours, shapes and sizes, but we are all human and interesting.

We have made the world in small pieces. The children of Adam is one world, yet we have different parts of that world, different cultures and different ways of life. Different festivals and different faiths, yet we are all individual. We all have different tastes, different thoughts, and in fact almost everything is different about us.

Every human is beautiful, as he or she is a creation of God. We all have some quality in us that we call a gift. Some are cool, some are hot, some are frozen, but we all have taste. We dislike things, respect ourselves, love and care for others.

There is no such thing as an ugly person, as every woman has a man, and every man has a woman. It is like a bridal dress displayed in the window. Hundreds of women will look at it and may not stop for a second glance, but one will love it instantly, and will buy it. Just as every dress needs a body, so does every bride have a groom.

When it comes to finding a bride, we look at many aspects of the person, including the look. If you only consider looks to be important, then you will regret later. When you look for a bride or groom, they spend time together for a long time before they agree to a proposal.

One can look for things like education, love of cooking, respect for others, faithfulness, communication, love of children, and understanding.

Weddings are based on a match. When you find the perfect match, then that is your perfect bride. When you find the man of your match then that is your handsome husband. Quality of looks are part of the requirement, but other qualities are important too

If you have a mismatch, and if it was based on looks, only then, once the marriage is over, will you know the other side of a person. And if you are not matched, then you will be in trouble for the rest of your life. Good marriages are based on good matches. And a better match is a better outcome for a better life, brighter future, good understanding and support for each other and for the children.

If you have a bad match, then there will be nothing but trouble, disagreements, revenge, war, external affairs, a second marriage, divorce and the life of your children will be hell.

The moral of the story is simple. When looking for a match, look not just at the face and body. This handsome and loving groom with a 6 pack, may not have a 6 pack as time goes on, and may not be as handsome to you once you start discovering how much you disagree on things. Underneath the skin, people are beautiful. Look for that and you will be happy.

When it comes to quality, if everything else matches up, you have nothing to worry about. Hire a good bridal make up service on the net. Trust me, looks disappear once you switch off the lights on your bedroom. In the dark, even an old man is handsome as a teenager.

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